Export Management

The advantage of having your international export department where prospects are.


  • Danish and Scandinavian Market Entry
  • We help Italian companies to identify business opportunities in Denmark, and the rest of Scandinavia, in terms of collaboration with local companies or organizations of the region.

  • Handle Communication (language)
  • As we are Italian born but Danish established for 5 years, we are fluent Italian, Danish as well as English speakers, and therefore, we can handle any communication needed between you and your potential partners in Scandinavia.

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • A research and detailed analysis on several different markets with a result of one, or a few, with most potential.

  • Partner and Customer Search
  • Our main goal is to tie up equally beneficial partnership between you and your potential partner(s) in Scandinavia with a result of new customers. Our ways of doing so are: direct contact as well as pitching your service or product at corresponding events.

  • Shipping
  • After the partnership is set, we arrange and handle shipping from A to B if your business requires so.

  • Additionally
  • Depending on your product or service, we could do: customer service, international trade, invoices, reports and insurance with your request.


  • Market Demand
  • Years of living in Scandinavia has allowed us to gain a lot of valuable information on different industries’ market demand. We want to share the knowledge with you and to apply it in your business.

  • Regulations
  • Years of experience in various business’ fields has also familiarized us with local Scandinavian legislations as well as European Union regulations, therefore, we are quick at noticing limitations and even quicker to creating solutions.


  • Community Management

    Creation, development and management of Danish community interested in Italian food products. Event setup, advertising and running.

While we handle your business abroad,
you focus on the core.